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Lady Bruins Go 5-2 In Recent Hoops Action
Riverbank High's girls basketball program is taking advantage of a busy summer schedule to prepare for a grueling Trans-Valley League lineup in the 2010-11 prep season.

The team is 5-2 in recent play after convincing wins over Central Catholic and East Union during MJC League competition.

The group brought six varsity girls to the Stanislaus State Team Camp Tournament on Friday and upended Turlock via a 53-10 blowout. Losses to Pittsburg and Turlock Christian set up Riverbank's 40-27 rout of Mariposa and 49-27 defeat of Tracy.

"Everyone contributed to our finish, but most notable was new incoming freshman Janelle Luu and her younger sister Olivia Luu playing with incredible talent on both ends of the court," Riverbank coach Tim Carnes said. "The Stan girls were gracious and the tourney was one of the best run events I've been to."

Kaitlynn Deabenderfer, Aimee Felix and Breanne Magana came through with sharp performances on the court while incoming junior Lisette Reyes and incoming sophomore Venessa Vargas made cases for starting roles once prep basketball resumes.

Deabenderfer even earned attention from Stan State players after a drop-step move left her open for easy bucket against the college girls.

"She made that move and this girl on Stan State almost grabbed her to force a high-five," Carnes said. "It was just a perfect move and the girl wanted to have some fun congratulating her for it."

The Bruins have lost just two games in summer play, and saw the junior varsity team take on three opponents at Enochs High on Monday.

The varsity team will continue MJC league action in Ripon with games at 4:10 p.m. and 5:10 p.m. on Thursday.

"I wanted to take the girls to play some better teams this summer and they have really competed well,' Carnes said. "I have just been pinching myself to make sure it's all real."