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Fishing Report 04-01-15
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Every angler has his or her favorite fishing spot, I’m no different. Last weekend while fishing Lake Pardee, which is full by the way. My son and I were struggling to get any bites. We moved around from spot to spot until I decided that we try an old spot that I’ve been fishing since I was a kid. There was a time when that spot was the only place that I would fish on the lake, but as my boats have gotten bigger and more reliable, I’ve since ventured out. After fishing a while, my son who is still getting the hang of fishing, caught two fish which made both his and my day. Upon leaving the spot I realized how many people I’ve taken to that spot. Some have since passed away, some have grown up, some have moved out of state, and I still have a little daughter at home who hasn’t fished there yet. Heck, maybe if I’m lucky enough to live that long, I can someday bring one of my grandchildren to my favorite spot.


Delta Report:

Striper and sturgeon fishing has been good lately out of the West Delta. Sherman Island for stripers has been producing well for those fishing between lights eleven and twelve. Sturgeon are being caught while fishing salmon roe in the Montezuma area. Largemouth bass continue to provide action for those fishing jigs, finding clearer water and banks protected from the wind seem to be what anglers are targeting. There are also still a lot of bass up shallow spawning.


New Melones Lake:

Fishing for trout has been good lately for those fishing the lake even though the water levels continue to be low. Currently the only paved launch ramp that is open to the public is Glory Hole Point. The bigger trout are being caught by those fishing off the bank. A lot of trout have made their way into the coves keeping those fishing with Power Bait busy. Bass fishing has started to really pick up lately with the average fish exceeding the two pound mark. Bass are being found actively feeding on shad and are being caught on a variety of baits. Some anglers are even reporting catching between 20 and 40 fish per day.


Lake Don Pedro:

The trout bite continues to pick up, Mexican Gulch, Big Oak, and Graveyard Bay seem to be the hot spots right now for anglers. Trout are being caught by those trolling within the top 25 feet with Uncle Larry’s Spinners. Large swimbait fish are being caught for those working points. The swimbait of choice seems to be the Huddleston Deluxe in a trout pattern. For those targeting smaller bass crankbaits and jigs have been producing decent limits of fish. Fleming Meadow is still the only paved launch ramp that is open.


Lake Pardee:

Trout are being caught for those fishing the top ten feet while trolling flashers with lures tipped with a partial scented grub or night crawler behind dodgers or sidekicks. Water levels are very high and visibility great. Some anglers are reporting of a good kokanee bite way up the main river arm from the surface down to ten feet deep. Bass fishing remains great for anglers working jigs through off shore structure.


Lake Amador:

The lake continues to be stocked weekly and is putting out some really nice trout. The lake is also nearly full which makes it nice for launching and fishing. Anglers fishing off the bank are catching them on Power Baits Mice Tails while anglers trolling are catching them on spinners.


Tip of the Week:

Believe it or not, one of the biggest enemies to your tackle is moisture. A lot of times while fishing we change baits and put old ones back into our tackle boxes wet and don’t even think twice about it. Then weeks later we return to that same bait to find out its hooks are rusted or dull. Because of this, I advise leaving the bait to air dry before placing it back into your tackle box or tray.