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Fishing Report
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Last week while reading the fishing report from Lake Pardee, I read that some of the regulars believed that if the cows were lying down in the morning, fishing was going to be tough, if they were standing, the bite was supposed to be good. So, on my way up to the lake I looked for the first cow nearest the lake and to my joy it was standing. I’m not usually one to buy into superstitions but this one I had to test for myself as it was different than any other that I’ve heard of before. The fishing ended up being tougher than expected, so much that I began to question whether or not the cows were supposed to be standing or lying down. We ended up catching fish later in the day but still not enough for me to believe that the cows were the key to telling whether or not the fish were going to be biting.


Delta Report:

Many anglers have been frustrated lately as bass fishing has been tough. There are plenty of fish that are spawning or have spawned already. The key to catching them right now is to not stay in one place too long. Wacky rigged Senko’s are always productive this time of year as well as crawdad patterned crank baits. For those looking to bed fish there are also visible beds if you’re able to find clearer water. Bluegills have started to spawn and there are a lot of fish found shallow willing to eat red worms or wax worms.


New Melones Lake:

The Trout bite has all but died for many, but the Kokanee bite has really started to pick up for a lot of anglers. Kokanee are being caught for those trolling anywhere from 25 to 45 feet deep. Red, chartreuse, pink or a silver Apex has been the top producing lure, with Uncle Larry’s Spinners, Hootchies, Killer B’s, and Glitter Bugs in the same colors all catching fish, as well. Bass fishing has been good lately as the water temperatures have risen to the high 60’s. The last full moon brought up a lot of nicer sized fish. For those not bed fishing a variety of different baits are faring well right now. Crankbaits, Rip Baits, Rattle Traps, and plastic worms are just a few of the baits that are catching Bass right now. Night-fishing for catfish is also starting to pick up, any major cove or creek arm is a good place to try. Anchovies, Sardines, or a ball of Nightcrawlers are always a deadly combination when fishing for Catfish. The Crappie and Bluegill bite has really started to pick up, some anglers are even reporting catching limits of Crappie when fishing tight to structure using live minnows.


Lake Don Pedro:

Kokanee fishing is good right now all over the lake. Anglers trolling for Kokanee are using a variety of different Kokanee lures. All of them are scented and tipped with scented corn or some other type of scent holder. As far as depth, most of the Kokanee are being caught by those trolling between 30 and 80 feet deep. Bass fishing continues to be good for anglers working the banks with a variety of different lures and even better for anglers fishing with live jumbo minnows.


Lake Camanche:

Trolling for trout continues to be good early in the morning and later in the day. With the increase in water temperature the trout have been holding deeper down to 40 feet. Bass fishing remains good for anglers working the shoreline for spawning fish with shaky head lures.


Lake New Hogan:

Bass fishing continues to be good as there are still plenty of fish found up shallow or in the guts of creeks leading to spawning areas. Bluegill and Crappie can also be caught while using mealy worms or crappie jigs in the back of coves.


Tip of the Week:

I read somewhere that Salmon and those fish of the Salmon family are extremely sensitive to scent. For the first time in a long time, I went out and bought some scent and the difference in hookups was amazing. More importantly, I lost so fewer fish while using the scent, that I’m definitely a believer now. Before, the fish would always be barely hooked. Not anymore, they were hooked so good that I actually started swinging them in the boat which I highly discourage, but my net person was busy at the time keeping the boat on course.