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Aloft Art Gallery Features Watercolor Artist Lynn Slade
Watercolor and Japanese washi paper mixed media artist Lynn Slade currently has many works, including this piece titled “Floaters” on display at the Aloft Art Gallery in Sonora.

This month the Aloft Art Gallery in Sonora is featuring one of its accomplished artists, Lynn Slade.

A watercolor and Japanese washi paper mixed media artist, Slade recently announced she will be published in the spring edition of “Watercolor Artist” Magazine. The magazine was inspired to contact Slade after seeing a piece of her work titled “Madrones” in the 2019 San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition. To view the piece, visit

Slade’s watercolor collages often deal with the vastness of nature compared to human scale. The pieces may feature exaggerated skies, majestic mountains or vast expanses of peaceful fields. Her combination of values, color and multiple layers of washi (textured rice papers) create an exciting composition full of energy and depth.

Madrone trees (also called the Arbutus tree) are usually found on the coast range of California but also scattered on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

There is a grove of them on Highway 88. Slade once heard a story about the Salish Indians and their reverence for these trees. Poet Richard Olafson shares a native legend, writing, “The tree’s webbed roots hold the splintered earth together.” If the Arbutus should disappear, the myth warns the planet would fly apart and be utterly destroyed. This story inspired Slade to study and create many art pieces using the madrone tree as inspiration.

The article featuring Slade is in the magazine under the heading of “Creativity Workshop,” and the name of her story is “Perfect Combination.” She was thrilled to see an early release copy of the magazine that includes the story of her process, many images and a demonstration for artists to try their hand at her multi-media techniques. Those interested in seeing the article can subscribe to the magazine’s e-edition or hard copy at

You can also see some of Slade’s current work at the Aloft Art Gallery at Baer’s in Sonora The artists of the gallery have just done a “change out” and feature many new works. You can take a virtual look at the gallery by going to and even purchase items by emailing Gallery personnel can deliver curbside or arrange for shipping. You can also come to see the art in person, seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; the gallery is at 105 S. Washington St., Sonora.