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Guide To Comfortable Holiday Shopping Excursions
Holiday shop pix

During the period between Black Friday and Super Saturday, millions of people flock to stores or shop online in order to meet their holiday deadlines. The National Retail Federation states that, during the holiday retail season of 2016, spending was up by 4 percent over the same period in 2015, and $658.3 billion was spent from November through December.

Consumers have more options today than ever before when shopping for holiday gifts. Shoppers getting into the holiday shopping swing of things can make the process more comfortable in various ways.


Go Cyber

Online shopping often offers deals too good to pass up, and shoppers don’t even need to leave the comfort of their homes to shop. Early morning is the busiest time for online shopping, so if you’re worried about retailer site slowdowns, opt for early or late evening to make purchases.


Use a ridesharing service

Take the hassle out of endlessly circling mall parking lots looking for parking spots by taking a cab or ridesharing service to the stores. Drivers can drop you off right at the main entrance, which can increase safety and comfort, particularly on the way home when you have packages in tow.


Dress appropriately

Wearing too much clothing can leave you feeling overheated and uncomfortable in crowded retail centers. Skip the heavy coat and layer clothing instead. This way you can shed layers as necessary to remain comfortable. Wear flats or walking shoes to protect your feet. Consider bringing along a rolling beach cart so that packages do not weigh you down.


Pack nutritious snacks

Hunger can try your patience, which doesn’t bode well when holiday shopping. Eat well before visiting the store and bring along filling, nutritious snacks, such as trail mix or edamame, so you don’t have to navigate crowded food courts when hunger strikes.


Build in breaks

Whether shopping at home or in-store, take breaks from marathon shopping to relax. Too much focus on spending can impede your ability to enjoy all the wonders of the holiday season. Plan shopping sessions around dining out, visiting or sightseeing.



Holiday shopping can be less of a chore when shoppers prioritize comfort.