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Hobbies For Different Personality Types
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Hobbies can provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Finding the right hobby requires the consideration of a host of factors, including one’s own personality. The following are some common personality types and the hobbies they might find rewarding.


The Athlete

Athletes can pursue a host of potential hobbies or activities that will foster their love of sports. Men and women who still have a hop in their step can sign up to compete in adult sports leagues. Depending on the sport, leagues might be available to adults of various ages and skill levels, and some may even be more focused on fun than competition.

For athletes who can no longer lace up their cleats, coaching youth sports or volunteering to coach at a nearby school provides a chance to stay involved even if competing is no longer possible.


The Reader

Book lovers also can channel their passions for the written word into a rewarding hobby. While reading might not seem like the most social activity, readers who want to use their love of books to grow their social networks can start a book club. People of all ages and backgrounds love to read, so starting a book club can be a great way to meet an array of people.

Readers also can call their local libraries or schools to ask about reading programs for children. Volunteer to read to youngsters, helping the next generation discover the wonders of reading.


The Executive

Men and women who have experienced great success in the world of business can pursue a host of low-stress opportunities with a goal of sharing their experiences with the next generation of business leaders. Teaching a course at a local college or university is one such avenue, and executives can even offer to work with high school students interested in pursuing careers in business. Teaching and mentoring might be less traditional hobbies than crocheting or woodworking, but they still provide a way for adults to pursue their passions away from the constraints of the office.


The Traveler

Men and women who love to travel can begin writing travel blogs where they share stories of their domestic and international travels. Use the blog to offer an insider’s insight into certain cities, offering advice on obscure eateries or activities that might be off most tourists’ radars. Include photos with each blog post to attract more readers.


When looking for a new hobby, adults may find that activities that suit their personalities tend to be the most rewarding.