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POLITICS Republicans work hard to connect with voters


209 Living reporter

A lot of people feel like there’s distance between them and those that make the decisions for the political party that they choose to align with.

But if you’re a Republican in San Joaquin County, that doesn’t have to be the case.

While decisions in Washington, D.C., may be much harder to have a voice in, the county representation for the GOP has been making strides recently to inform voters within the communities they represent about the choices on the ballot in November that represent the ideals and the platforms of the party.

Earlier this month San Joaquin Central Committee President Susan Vander Schaaf held a candidate’s night in Manteca at Chez Shari that introduced people that are vying for positions ranging from the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors to the United States House of Representative.

All of them were Republicans.

Presenting candidates, however, isn’t the only thing that they do – they also have a big hand in recruiting Republicans to run for available seats.

And if you think that the Republican Party can’t have a foothold in the Democratic bastion of California, you’re wrong.

Several of the members of the Central Committee are involved with other politically charged groups that existing with the South County, and some are even elected officials themselves.

Before the City of Manteca elected its newest councilmembers in 2014, all of the candidates interviewed with the Central Committee to try and earn their endorsement.

And once those candidates are established, the group works tirelessly to get out the vote on Election Day in order to secure victory for the party or the position.

While grassroots organizations are able to choose whatever positions and candidates they want to support, the Central Committee is a faction of the California Republican Party and has clear guidelines according to the California Election Code. Its representatives are elected themselves to the position.

For more information about the San Joaquin County Republican Party visit, or call 209.476.8683.

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