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Rommantic dining in Stockton & Lodi
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Photo contributed The grounds at Michael David Winery have an impressive water feature and plenty of outdoor tables as part of a recent remodel.


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Looking for a nice quiet spot for two while dining out?

 Dave Wong’s Restaurant in Stockton is one of my favorite places come this time of year for several reasons.

In no particular order – I like this place for the good food, the good company, and the good times. That’s everything fit for a queen.

Oh yes, we’ll also bring along good wine. Corkage fee here is $12.

Karen, who I call “The Queen,” enjoys going to Dave Wong’s, especially last year for my birthday.

Located at 2828 W. March Lane – west of Interstate 5 – we were seated in the enclosed dining cubicle. A curtain provides some privacy.

It helped knowing the hostess, Lilly, who reserved the private booth for us via text. We brought along a bottle of a 2012 Caymus 40th year anniversary cab to celebrate the special occasion.

Our order at this Chinese cuisine has always been a la carte. What we don’t finish eating makes for great leftovers.

We’re looking forward to coming back to Dave Wong’s in the coming weeks. I’ve already reserved a booth ahead of time.

Great times between two people come be part of an activity.

During our many excursions pedaling along the Lodi wine appellation – Karen and I met nearly four years ago on group rides – we recently recalled two of our favorite “chill” places to stop and enjoy the view.

She enjoyed the private pond at Oak Farm vineyards at the end of DeVries Road just past Peltier Road. We would ride our bikes to the old tasting room, packing sandwiches and purchasing a glass of wine each while relaxing by the water on chaise lounge on the manicured lawn.

Some of that has changed since the opening of the new tasting room about a year ago.

I have a fondness for Michael David Winery at 4580 W. Hwy 12 in Lodi.

One of my first group rides was having lunch inside Michael David’s Farm Café, consisting of farm fresh produce and soups made from scratch.

The picnic area used to be a quiet spot and a garden with of plenty of bloom.

In fact, we used to stop there towards the end of our bike rides, kicking back on the grounds with a glass of wine (notice there’s a familiar theme here) while sharing a few laughs.

The grounds have since been remodeled now sports a nice water feature flanked by plenty of outdoor tables.

Actually, it’s nicer now than ever.


Michael David is a good place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the setting especially with good company.