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Venture Fitness capitalizes on small town feel
Clients working out at Venture Fitness



209 staff reporter


With the start of the New Year, it’s natural to set new goals—and if fitness is one of them then Venture Fitness can help.


With group training and personal training options, Venture Fitness assists with each client striving to meet their goals.


“The gym atmosphere we have really reflects the area we live in with everyone knowing everyone and the personal feel to it,” said Fernando Alvarez, manager of Venture Fitness.


The gym ranges from high school athletes training for their specific sport to people who have retired and want to stay active and in shape.


“Venture Fitness is very different compared to a bigger type of gym,” said Alvarez. “You have the personal guidance and support from the trainers and those around you.”


Aside from the personal training aspect, Alvarez explains that Venture Fitness goes one step further and incorporates fitness nutrition in their program.


“People weigh and check in once a month,” he said. “We track their progress by sitting down and going over the food they are eating and seeing if it’s consistent with what their goals are.”


Venture Fitness has changed locations three times, but Alvarez says each time they move it’s never too far.


“Downtown Turlock is our home,” he said. “We grow in square footage every time we move around the corner, but the atmosphere, motto and philosophy all remain the same.”

For more information visit Venture Fitness online at or give them a call at 918-8348.