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Wild And Woolly Revue At Sutter Creek Theatre
Revue pix

Hold on to your seats and get ready for a rollicking evening of outrageous humor and song.

Mark the calendar for Saturday Dec. 16 at 8 p.m., as Sourdough’s Wild and Woolly Revue show hits the stage at the Sutter Creek Theatre in downtown Sutter Creek.

It’s a seasonal extravaganza, the Revue featuring popular Gold Country old time music makers; Sourdough Slim and The Saddle Pals, Faux Renwah, and Robert Armstrong in a once-a-year opportunity to catch all these artists in a show together.

Thrill to the mind-boggling yodeling of the infamous Sourdough Slim. Delight in the harmonious Western melodies of The Saddle Pals. Catch the wise-cracking Cactus Bob, lovely bass-thumping Prairie Flower and Michael P. Kennedy as they revel in Old Time Music nirvana with their Faux Renwah band. Be amazed by the world champion musical saw and string instrument wizardry of Robert Armstrong (Cheap Suit Serenaders). It’s all happening later this month in a special holiday performance.


The Sutter Creek Theatre is at 44 Main Street (which is old State Route 49) in Sutter Creek, just north of Jackson on Highway 49, where Gold Rush Christmas Cheer abounds. Tickets are $20 presale and $22 at the door. For information, call (916) 425-0077 or visit