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California Avenue Elementary Gets Needed Facelift
The new office at California Avenue Elementary has plenty of space for students and parents to do what they need to do and staff has new space as well. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

Parents and students may have noticed that the office was under construction at California Avenue Elementary. Renovations were underway to ensure the security of the elementary students and improve the process of how the public entered the campus. Prior to the new security improvements visitors could walk onto the campus without checking into the office. Looking forward to the end of construction and the new renovations, Principal Kathy Briggs could not be more delighted with the completion and the improvements.

“The new office creates a situation where all visitors must enter through the office,” said Briggs. “The office staff loves the new office. It is much more spacious and it better serves the students and families of California Avenue.”

The construction lasted approximately three months and included turning the library into the new school office. Walls were torn down and new offices were put in place for the principal and, new to California Avenue this year, a new vice principal. They added a large front counter in the office which Briggs stated will better serve the families. The main entrance onto the campus will be through the new office for all visitors.

Briggs expressed how much she really likes her new office that now has several windows, letting natural light shine through it. Her old office only had one window so the new office is greatly appreciated.

The new construction did not come without issues including a classroom that was used as a temporary office during summer school as well as in the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

Rudy Serrato, Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation for Riverbank Unified School District was thankful to California Avenue Elementary site administration, school staff, parents and students for the cooperation and patience that was involved during the project.

In celebration of the renovations, Riverbank Unified School District held a short ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of the new office on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

The doors are open; staff is back in the place they are supposed to be and visitors and parents are welcome to check-in at the office.

Riverbank Unified School District hosted a ribbon cutting on Oct. 1 after extensive renovations at California Avenue Elementary were completed. Photo Contributed