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Centenarian Celebrates Milestone With A Dance
To celebrate his 100th birthday, Earle Glick of Claus Road not only attended the Golden Agers Dance in Riverbank but circled the floor many times with different partners.

He loves to dance and kicks up his heels twice a week, in Riverbank on Wednesdays and in Modesto on another day. Although he carries a cane for walking, he lays it aside for dancing.

Friday, July 3 was the actual date of his birthday.

Born in Fruita, Colorado, Glick moved to Oregon and later California with his family when he was 21.

If the name seems familiar, it's because his oldest brother Norman served on two school district boards for many years and has a Modesto school named after him.

"My father David," Glick remarked, "taught school for a while until he discovered he could make more money as a farmer and went into agriculture."

Like his father, he has been a rancher and farmer all his life. He built his own home of adobe on Claus Road (later remodeled) and still lives there on his own.

He was a turkey farmer, raised dairy cattle and grew almonds and peaches on land he owned in Waterford.

He still hops onto a backhoe and tractor and does some work around his place, said a relative.

He also likes to travel. After employing some field workers of Japanese descent, he visited Japan half a dozen times between 1965 and 1985.

Married twice, first to Marie, then to Dorothy, he's been widowed twice but has three children, Don, Ruby and Earlene, four stepchildren, Donna, Ray, Vic and Darrel and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

What keeps him young?

"He's a hard worker, always active, socializing, on the go," said a family member. "He doesn't smoke or drink, but eats good food out of his own garden, and loves the company of the ladies."

"I don't have one at home. I lost two and don't have the heart to pop the question again," said Glick, who is alert and chatty but also hard of hearing.

Glick attributed his youthfulness to "keeping busy and trusting in the Almighty."

His parents also lived a long life. His father was 70 at his death and his mother passed away at 90.

"I like to needle people," Glick commented in conversation, meaning he loves to sound people out, make jokes and tease them.