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Circus Performers Entertain Under Big Top Tent
One of the performers in the Walter Brothers Circus shows is this girl on the ‘flying’ trapeze, hanging high underneath the big top tent. The eight shows over five days this past week and weekend were co-sponsored by the Riverbank Parks and Recreation Department.News Photos By Ric McGinnis
With a seemingly endless supply of hoops, this performer keeps them all moving while performing for the crowd during shows under the big top of Walter Brothers Circus, set up for several shows on Patterson Road, across from the Galaxy Theatres.

The Walter Brother Circus came to town this past week, entertaining parents and children of all ages under a big top tent set up on Patterson Road, across from Galaxy Theatres in Riverbank.

Based in Tracy, the traveling performers entertained at eight shows over five days last week. They started with 7:30 p.m. evening performances on Thursday and Friday, then added a 5 p.m. show on Saturday and both a 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. show on Sunday, before closing out on Monday, Oct. 1, with a single evening event.

The circus featured performers from Mexico and several countries in South America, including a tightrope walker and an acrobat showing off gymnastic-style exercises.

A clown performed between acts, while equipment was re-rigged on stage. A whistle and mime were his modes of communication with the audience.

Entertainment included a strongman style platform acrobat, who showed off several different styles of handstands.

An aerialist performed from a ring suspended from high under the tent, hanging at times by the back of her neck, then her heel, while swinging back and forth over the stage.

After the clown reappeared, and an intermission, another aerialist was hoisted above the crowd to perform from a swing bar.

The finale, however, came in the form of motorcyclists driving at a high rate of speed inside a steel ball set up next to the stage. First one, then two, and finally three bikes roared around in a choreographed display of handling their machines.

At the conclusion, the bikers reappeared on the stage, surrounded by each performer, introduced in turn, for a curtain call.

As the crowd began departing, they were invited on stage to take photos with the performers.

The Walter Brothers Circus also performed in Riverbank last year, with a slightly different line up.

The Riverbank Parks and Recreation Department was co-sponsor of the circus appearance with proceeds going toward scholarship funds that help residents participate in other recreation department activities throughout the year.