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Committee Suggests Budget Cuts
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Seeking to cut district expenditures by $1.3 million, a Riverbank Unified School District committee has proposed cutting six teacher positions, an administrator's post and half a counselor's position in certificated personnel for savings of $776,600.

The reductions submitted at the April 1 board meeting also include a paraprofessional or classroom aide, a clerk, a custodian and a bus driver position for $260,000 in savings and $245,800 worth of cancelled contracts.

The proposed cuts were submitted for information only at the last meeting but are due to come back for action at the next board meeting.

The committee also suggested more, smaller expenditures of $50,600 in summer school, $25,000 in field trips, $19,200 in supplies and $7,200 in conference/travel.

In presenting the figures, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Ron Costa stressed many of the positions involved are already vacant, including the paraprofessional, clerical and custodial posts; and the cuts in certificated positions include changes contingent upon many retirements among long-tenured and higher paid teachers coming this summer.

"My issue is not with the proposed cuts, but that everything is not on the table," Trustee Egidio "Jeep" Oliveira commented. "It's difficult for me to support this when I hear teachers asking why there is no cap on health benefits for management.