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Council Plans Pot Sale Moratorium
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Riverbank will impose a temporary moratorium on the establishment of marijuana stores if Proposition 19 passes at the election, City Manager Rich Holmer said Monday.

City Council will be asked at its Nov. 8 meeting to deny the issuance of a business license to sell marijuana until such time as the city can search through the implications of state approval and come up with a local program.

There will probably be litigation following passage of Proposition 19 and the state law would still be in conflict with federal regulations, he noted.

Otherwise, the council's meeting starting Monday at 7 p.m. will handle the same subjects that were on the Oct. 21 agenda when that meeting was cancelled for lack of a quorum. Mayor Virginia Madueno, Vice Mayor Sandra Benitez and some 20 members of the public were waiting for a third member when Councilmember Jesse James White called in sick a few minutes before the meeting was due to start.

The topic of what to do with a feral cat colony at Jacob Myers Park will again be on the agenda. A local group is feeding a dozen wild cats there while advocating a policy of trapping, neutering and returning the animals to the park. Some city officials said the cats are located too close to the park's many human visitors and they are seeking a way of moving them to another spot.

One item taken off the agenda is council approval of the downtown redevelopment phase covering Third Street between Topeka Avenue and Atchison Street. There are a few details of the construction that still need fixing before the city accepts the project, said staff.