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Crifasi Holds Off Madueno Challenge
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In the battle for the Riverbank mayor's post, incumbent Chris Crifasi held off a challenge from councilmember Virginia Madueno, polling just over 52 percent of the vote. Madueno received about 48 percent. Results from the Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters show Crifasi with 2,421 votes and Madueno with 2,174.

City council seats in Riverbank were won by incumbent David I. White, with 1,927 votes and political newcomer, college student Jesse James White, 1,734 votes. The two were the top vote getters in the five-way race, followed by Ric McGinnis, 1,414; Jerry Whorton, 1,025; Norman Comer, 977.

Measure S, the road tax, went down in Stanislaus County since it did not receive the two-thirds majority needed; falling just short with 65.88 percent in favor of the half-cent tax.

In state ballot measures, with 96 percent of precincts reporting in, voters were in favor of:

Prop. 1A, safe, reliable high speed train bond act, 52 to 48 percent

Prop. 2, standards for confining farm animals, 63 to 37 percent

Prop. 3, children's hospital bond act, 55 to 45 percent

Prop. 8, eliminate right of same-sex couples to marry, 52 to 48 percent

Prop. 9, criminal justice system, victims rights, parole, 53 to 47 percent

Prop. 11, redistricting, 51 percent to 49 percent

Prop. 12, veterans bond, 63.5 to 36.5 percent

Voters were turning down:

Prop. 4, parental notification before terminating minor's pregnancy, 52 to 48 percent

Prop. 5, non-violent drug offense, sentencing, parole, rehab, 60 to 40 percent

Prop. 6, police, law enforcement funding, 70 to 30 percent

Prop. 7, renewable energy generation, 65 to 35 percent

Prop. 10, alternative fuel vehicles and renewable energy bonds, 60 to 40 percent