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Dogs: Rabies Shots, Licenses Required
Oakdale Police Animal Services Officer Danielle Hilgen was going door-to-door over the past week in Riverbank in a drive to get all its dogs licensed. Riverbank has a contract with the City of Oakdale to provide it animal control services besides use of its dog pound in Oakdale.

Hilgen said Oakdale Animal Services is trying to contact animal owners in both cities to verify their animals are vaccinated against rabies as required by both state and city law. This is also an opportunity to let dog owners know that licensing of dogs is also required by the City of Oakdale ordinance code.

Dog owners in Riverbank who do not have a dog license can obtain one at City Hall North in the Administration Office at Third and Santa Fe streets. A copy of a current rabies vaccination will also be required.

The cost of licensing varies depending on whether the animal is spayed or neutered. If the animal is altered the cost is $10 per year and if unaltered $50 per year, per animal. Senior citizens can get the cost reduced by 50 percent.

Hilgen emphasized the cards she has been leaving on doors are not tickets bringing a fine but only "a notice to comply" and she is seeking voluntary cooperation.

For rabies vaccinations, dog owners can contact any veterinarian or the Oakdale Pet Station located at 730 West F Street in Oakdale, which has a low cost vaccination clinic every other Saturday.

For more information call the Oakdale Animal Services at 209-847-5625 or fax 848-4632.