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Drive-By Shooting Leaves Two Wounded
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Riverbank authorities report a recent a drive-by shooting that left two persons with injuries.

The shooting occurred on Sunday, Feb. 20 in the 3500 block of Alabama Court at approximately 2:30 a.m., according to Riverbank Police Services.

Sheriff's deputies responding to a report of shots being fired found two victims with gunshot wounds.

One victim sustained a wound to the left thigh and the second suffered an injury to the abdomen. Both were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Witnesses described a black or dark-colored, lowered Ford 150 pickup truck with chrome rims as the vehicle in which the suspects left the scene.

Anyone having information regarding the incident is asked to call the police at 869-7162.

Police said gangs, which are often involved with drive-by shootings, are reported as having 223 documented members in Riverbank, with many more "flying under the radar," according to the Riverbank Police Services year-end report for 2010.

The estimated number of gang members in Stanislaus County during 2009 was 15,000 of which 5,000 were documented. They were comprised of 80 percent males and 20 percent females, authorities noted.

The 223 in Riverbank range from members of outlaw motorcycle gangs and white pride gangs to the more predominant Hispanic street gangs like Surenos and Nortenos, the report continues.

There have been about 15 sets of Hispanic street gangs documented just in the Riverbank area. Among the various sets documented in this area, the two most well noted by law enforcement are the RVL (Riverbank Vato Locos) that represent Nortenos, and the MLS (Mexican Loketos Surenos) that represent Surenos.

Of gang-related drive-by shootings reported in Riverbank, four were logged in 2009 and nine were reported in 2010. Gang-related assaults with deadly weapons went from five reported in 2009 to seven reported in 2010 and gang related homicides climbed from zero in 2009 to one in 2010.

The number of crime reports involving criminal street gangs is difficult to determine because the majority of these crimes usually go unreported or without a victim, the report noted. People fear retaliation in their own neighborhood and it keeps them from coming forward as a witness and/or victim.

Gang members also refuse to come forward as a victim or witness for fear of being labeled a "rat" or "snitch" which can get them into serious trouble with the gang, authorities said.