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Fall Session Starts At Riverbank Schools
Bruins Back In Class
RHS Quad
Thursday, Aug. 5 at Riverbank High School, while on their first break of the first day of class, students gathered in the quad. They took advantage of the opportunity to meet up with friends, and, while not required to wear them outside, most appeared to be comfortable with keeping their masks on. Ric McGinnis/The News

School campuses in Riverbank are open once again, with students returning to their classrooms on Thursday, Aug. 5, welcomed back by instructors and administrators alike.

The students returned at all levels, elementary, middle and high school, all for in-person instruction to start the year.

The returnees at Riverbank High School discovered several things the same, but also found few COVID-related changes in effect.

Like the end of the 2020-21 school year, students and staff alike are being required to wear masks, at least while indoors. While outside, on break or at lunchtime, they are free to take them off.

A brief excursion onto the campus last week seemed to indicate most Bruins were choosing to leave the masks on between classes.

There are changes in high school classrooms, as well. Many, if not all rooms have had filter/ventilators added, and the Plexiglas partitions on desks have been removed. The masks, in addition to remaining socially distanced, are the rule.

Girls participating in the first day of varsity volleyball practice last week also were wearing their masks while working out, as that game is played indoors.

Riverbank Unified School District Superintendent Christine Facella was on hand early Thursday, as she was making the rounds of district campuses, making sure all was well. She said there were about 60 RHS students participating in distance learning, attending classes remotely. It has been offered as an option for families still uncomfortable with having students attend the in-person instruction.

Early on opening day, things on campus seemed to be going smoothly. Just one hiccup was noticed, with RHS Principal Greg Diaz returning to his office to iron out a class enrollment problem.

He said somehow one first period class had 48 students assigned, presumed to be because of a computer error. He was back out on campus, visiting different classrooms, by second period.

RHS Classroom
Students returning to Riverbank High School on the first day of school last week discovered a few changes in their classrooms. Here, Mr. Erro discusses what he will require of his Honors English I class. Students and instructors are being required to wear masks while inside but can take them off while outside, or eating. Also required is social distancing, as last school year, but gone are the Plexiglas partitions on each student’s desk. Ric McGinnis/The News
RHS Toledo
RHS Attendance Secretary Miriam Toledo looks through a copy of this year’s student handbook, one of the many in the boxes taking up space in the main office at the high school’s campus. On the first day of school, Aug. 5, the cartons were stacked up, adding a bit to the congestion in the work space. Ric McGinnis/The News