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Goods Collected For Those In Need
Boy Scout Troop 1100 and Cub Scout Pack 10 were on a collection project recently to gather toiletries for Riverbank Christian Food Sharing. Virginia Still/The News

There is a group in Riverbank that has been assisting the community for many years and their duty to help those in need continues; it’s business as usual for Riverbank Christian Food Sharing (RCFS). Due to donations collected by Boy Scout Troop 1100 and Cub Scout Pack 10, RCFS was able to distribute a variety of goods to help out during the recent holiday season. At a regular scout meeting in December, RCFS received the collection of items and coordinator Lynda Silva expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the scout’s efforts.

“A few weeks ago they approached us and wanted to know if there was something that we could do together,” said Silva. “So they decided that they would collect and the Methodist church collected and this is all of our bounty.”

Earlier this year the United Methodist Church began sponsoring the local Boy Scouts and to support the troop as well RCFS has picked up their tab for the Scout Hall. To show their appreciation Troop 1100 and Pack 10 distributed flyers in neighborhoods around town seeking donations of toiletries. One week the flyers went out and the next week regardless of the weather the scouts hit the streets to collect the goods.

With the generosity of the community the scouts collected a couple hundred rolls of toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, socks, coats, and so much more. The plethora of items was distributed during a regularly scheduled food distribution as well as to the elderly and homeless for those in the Riverbank community.

Cub Scoutmaster Amanda Flores’s pack 10 consists of 20 boys that are in kindergarten through fifth grade. Boy Scout Leader Eddie Negrete has 15 boys in Troop 1100. Both of the groups are based out of Riverbank and meet on a regular basis.

“We usually do a canned food drive but we talked to the organizers to see what they needed and this is what they said,” stated Flores. “It (collecting toiletries) shows about giving back to the community and helping others in need. It was the first time doing a toiletry drive. It is just nice to know that it goes back to our community to the people here.”

The scouts made their way back to the neighborhoods to collect the items in the cold and wet weather determined to deliver a large bounty to RCFS. Among the items, officials reported that an 89-year-old wheelchair bound woman in Oakdale made approximately 85 hats that she knitted by hand and donated. They have an assortment of colors that will be helpful for warmth during the cold months.

The items were distributed by RCFS to the homeless and all of their recipients were to receive something, according to Silva. They also make kits for the homeless that they give out weekly that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper so some of the collection by the scouts will be used for that as well.

“We are so thankful for these boys and their efforts and the church members,” expressed Silva. “They brought all kinds of things.”

There was a plethora of goods collected by the scouts that were donated by the Riverbank community for distribution to people in need during the holiday season and beyond. Virginia Still/The News