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Graffiti Threat Puts RHS On Brief Lockdown

Monday morning was supposed to be the start of not only another school day for students at Riverbank High School (RHS) but the beginning of fun festivities for Homecoming week. However, due to a threat of violence written on a bathroom wall on campus, students and staff were locked down for a few hours while law enforcement was contacted and a search was conducted. Officials reported that the threat was unfounded and there were no weapons or contraband found during the search.

“There is never any question regarding a lockdown when it comes to a threat,” stated Riverbank Unified School District Superintendent Christine Facella. “We need to take everything serious and take the proper steps and precautions in collaboration with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of students and staff.”

Deputies with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office and Riverbank Police Services were notified on Monday, Sept. 12 at 9:30 a.m. that there was threatening language discovered on a bathroom wall on campus.

Riverbank Police Services Chief Ed Ridenour said, “Riverbank School staff is actively working to identify those responsible. Riverbank Police Services worked with and stood by at the campus while the staff completed their searches.”

RHS Principal Greg Diaz expressed that they were highly supported by the deputies and are thankful for their assistance in the incident.

“The lockdown lasted approximately two hours to search and clear all campus areas,” said Diaz. “We did not find anything of concern to the safety of our students or staff. We will continue to investigate the situation.”

This is the second incident that has occurred at the high school this calendar year. In April a threat was written on a bathroom wall and the school was put on lockdown. When the school goes into a lockdown no one is allowed on or off campus for safety reasons.

“This is the second such incident in the last six months,” remarked Diaz. “We hope that parents and families will have the conversation with their children about how this is not a joking matter. Riverbank High School will continue to put students and staff’s safety above all else.”