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Catholic Charities Announces Launch of SPARROW Project
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The Mother Lode Office of Catholic Charities has announced the expansion of the reach of the SPARROW Project to Oakdale, Riverbank, Waterford, Hughson, Keyes and surrounding rural areas. The official launch date is Jan. 4, 2016.

The project aims to help those over the age of 60 overcome symptoms of depression and isolation. SPARROW offers either 12 weeks of in-home case management and therapy with a credentialed counselor or 12 weeks of self-guided support with a trained Senior Peer Counselor to those who qualify. All services are free of charge and completely confidential. Financial incentives are provided to participants who meet project milestones during and upon completion of the 12 week course.

The SPARROW Project is a research study being conducted by UCSF Institute for Health and Aging, along with their community partner, the Mother Lode Office of Catholic Charities. It uses Problem Solving Therapy to help participants break the cycle of depression by helping them deal more effectively with difficulties and problems that occur in everyday living. Problem solving therapy has been studied extensively and has been found to be highly effective. It is used by therapists in practice in a wide range of settings. This is the first time its effectiveness is being studied in rural communities. The project has been in place in the foothills for a little over a year and has just recently been opened to the rural valley communities.

“We now have trained counselors who are ready and happy to take on new SPARROW clients in Stanislaus County. It is our goal to offer hope to people who are struggling with feelings of sadness, loneliness and depression. And just in time for the new year,” said Catherine Driver, Regional Director for Catholic Charities’ Mother Lode office.

Contact the office at 209-532-7632 for more information about SPARROW.