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City Council: Evaluations, Team Building Exercise
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There were only a couple of items on the agenda for a special Riverbank City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 9 at the Riverbank Industrial Complex. Those items included an evaluation of the city manager and a team building workshop. The city council conducts an evaluation annually for the city manager, which was held in closed session. There was no ‘reportable action’ out of the closed session but the evaluation was held in private because it did involve a personnel matter. Officials indicate the review was a way for council members to offer some insight for City Manager Jill Anderson regarding job performance and reaching goals.

It was much the same for all involved in the workshop, with a team approach for the discussion.

The four members of the city council, Mayor Richard O’Brien, Vice Mayor Jeanine Tucker, councilmember Dotty Nygard, and councilmember Darlene Barber-Martinez were present for the evaluation and the Team Building Workshop.

Anderson explained that prior to getting hired as the city manager she expressed to the council that she would like to implement some type of team building exercise. The council mutually agreed to do the team building and goal setting.

The workshop gives the council and the city manager a chance to share their expectations and refocus on what is important, Anderson said. They also do a work style assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses for greater effectiveness.

“We embarked on this in a way to keep things healthy,” said Anderson. “To keep things moving forward and moving forward in a positive direction.”

Anderson expressed that with the budget season and the special election coming up she has been very busy.

Diane Gladwell has been hired as the election consultant for the City of Riverbank’s Special Election that will be held on June 4. Gladwell’s company is based out of Lake Arrowhead, CA and was highly recommended, noted Anderson.

She also noted that the council looked into several different full service firms and did the necessary research before making their selection.

Earlier in her career, Gladwell spent some time as a city clerk. Gladwell has done stand-alone elections for communities ranging from Stockton to Norwalk to Beverly Hills. The procedures have been established and there is an exact process that will be followed. Anderson said city officials are watching the process very carefully.

“We are looking forward to having a great election,” said Anderson.

Three candidates will compete to fill the unexpired council term vacated by O’Brien when he ran for mayor. Cal Campbell, who placed third in the race for two seats this past November, is seeking the council post, as are Jeremy Fennell and Diana S. Gonzalez.