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Envy Fine Clothing Opens In Riverbank
Owner Darlene Dover along with daughter Addison and Manager Stacey Brown are delighted to have their new store in the Crossroads Shopping Center.News Photos By Virginia Still

There is a new boutique that moved into the Crossroads called Envy Fine Clothing which is a family owned business created by owner Darlene Dover. The store offers shoppers a variety of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as shoes and accessories.

This is the fifth store that Dover has opened in the Central Valley with the flagship store being in Atwater that she opened approximately 10 years ago. She was a school teacher and dabbled in flipping houses for a bit when an opportunity arose in Atwater.

“They were building a new structure that I thought would be booming so I took a shot on opening a store,” said Dover. “We joke because I have five kids and I couldn’t afford to clothe them so we might as well open a clothing store and get a discount.”

After several discussions and time spent Googling, Dover and her husband decided to call their store Envy which would describe the brand they wanted to build.

“We just wanted people to come in and feel beautiful about themselves and per se be envied,” explained Dover. “Your beauty starts on the inside and then we are helping on the outside.”

When her son was about six to eight months old she would take him to work with her at the Atwater store so she had a play area set up for him. She did not realize this would unexpectedly become a place for the stay at home moms to spend some time shopping and have a place for the kids to play together.

“They (moms) would say this is the only break I get all day,” added Dover. “I wound up building some great friendships with the ladies and that is kind of how we started and it just boomed from there.”

Three years after opening in Atwater they opened an Envy in Turlock and then two years after that they opened a store in Modesto. Two years ago they opened in Merced and a few months ago they opened their fifth location in Riverbank.

“It (business) has been good and the clientele here is amazing,” expressed Dover. “Honestly you get a great conversation from everybody that walks in. Everyone is super friendly and the kids are so well behaved. I mean I could not ask for a better community to be honest with you.”

They offer several brands including a variety of flip flops that Dover said they are known for as well several designer denim brands like True Religion, Seven7 jeans, Hudson jeans, Joe’s jeans, Miss Me jeans, and Rock Revival jeans.

“I feel like we are a mini Nordstrom’s in a sense,” said Dover. “We have all price points. We have really cute booties. We have a great selection and they are two for $60 which is really a lot better than even chain stores. This is a little boutique and it is family run.”

They offer layaway for those that may need a little bit more time with 20 percent down and 90 days to pay.

For more information call 209-863-8443 or cell number 209-719-9666 or email You can also visit the store at 2251 Claribel Road Suite E in the Crossroads Shopping Center, Riverbank.