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More Plaques Added To War Memorial
Riverbank authorities recently added five new plaques commemorating fallen local servicemen to the war memorial wall outside the Community Center and plan to hold an official unveiling on Sept. 11, Patriot's Day, said Administrative Assistant Luann Bain.

There were already eight bronze plaques in place honoring those killed in action during several wars.

Those added include: Wallace W. Van Dyke, Corporal, Army. Korean War, killed Sept. 3, 1950; Floyd E. Osgood, Private, Army, World War II, killed Aug. 1, 1944; Waymon J. Luton, Private. Army, World War II, killed July 24, 1944; Victor L. Johnson, 1st Lieutenant, Air Force, World War II, killed June 1, 1943; and Warren H. Burkett, Private, Army, World War II, killed July 19, 1944.

Wallace Van Dyke's brother DeLloyd Van Dyke, pleased with the additions to the memorial, said he did not know the exact details of his brother's death but noted that Wallace had been soldiering in Japan when he was pulled out of there with only 30 days left to serve and sent to Korea, where he was killed three days after his arrival.

DeLloyd Van Dyke served in World War II - five members of the family, in fact, have served in the military. Seeing the war coming and knowing he would be drafted, he joined the old Army Air Force to become a pilot. At first they would only train him as an aircraft mechanic because he was not an officer but later he qualified for flight training and flew fighter planes and gliders during five years of service. Sent to England in 1943, he flew many sorties over occupied Holland and piloted a large glider of 83 foot wingspan that landed troops of the 82ndAirborne division behind enemy lines.