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New Garbage Rates Set For May
Gilton Solid Waste Management of Modesto is the contractor which provides garbage and recycling services to the residents of Riverbank. At last week’s meeting, the city council held the fourth required public hearing before approving a new rate increase for trash services here, to comply with new recycling standards established by state law.

Among the many items of business on last Tuesday’s city council agenda, a fourth and final public hearing on establishing new, state-required, garbage rates was completed, before they set new charges that will go into effect on May 1.

The new rates will cover additional costs to change the recycling system to comply with changes in state law. The garbage rate is expected to increase by about $12 per month.

According to the council report, SB 1383 is intended to reduce methane emissions at landfills through a process of reducing the disposal of organic waste by 75 percent below 2014 levels. Organic waste is defined as green materials, wood waste, fiber materials, food scraps, food soiled paper, and landscaping and pruning waste. In order to meet these mandates, changes will be needed to Riverbank’s current waste disposal system.

These materials will now be included in the green/gray organic refuse can.

They include green materials, as before, and paper, cardboard, wood waste and landscape and pruning, but now include food scraps.

The organic can should not include trash or garbage, asphalt, plastic bags, other plastic, glass or metals, batteries, tires, or paint or other toxic materials. Neither dirt, rocks or concrete, electronics, dead animals, hot ashes nor palm fronds.

Now the black trash cans will be holding household garbage and trash, glass bottles and other containers, aluminum cans, tin cans and plastic bottles and containers.

Not allowed there are organic materials as above, and dirt, rock, concrete and asphalt, yard waste, batteries, tires, hot ashes, paint and other chemicals, cardboard and dead animals.

As in the past, extra services are available for residents.

Large bulky items can be picked up curbside twice a year, and electronic waste four times a year, by appointment.

These appointments can be scheduled at or by calling 209-527-3781.