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Public Previews Proposals For Park Plan
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Riverbank City Council Member Darlene Barber-Martinez, left, discusses planned changes at the Community Center Park in downtown with city Parks and Recreation Director Sue Fitzpatrick on Saturday, Oct. 10. While maintaining their social distance, visitors were asked to voice their opinions on several alternatives to major changes in the configuration of the park. Ric McGinnis/The News

Riverbank residents had an opportunity this past weekend to voice opinions of how they think the Community Center Park should be revised and the facilities there expanded.

They were invited to come to the park during a few hours on Saturday, Oct. 10, to the fence around the swimming pool, where the Parks and Recreation Department placed displays of alternative new layouts of the Community Center Park facilities.

A major proposed change includes expansion of the swimming area, as well as demolition and relocation of the locker room areas. The expansion will include a new wading area and a new water feature, but these will require moving the playground equipment to a different part of the park.

Other new features proposed include play areas and art installations. One new facility planned is the construction of a half-court basketball court, proposed for the west side of the park facility, adjacent to the teen center.

According to a plaque in the current lobby of the swimming pool, it was last renovated — and rededicated — in 1992.

The Community Center itself was renovated just last year.

Parks Director Sue Fitzpatrick noted that, although the city was unsuccessful in receiving awards from the last round of Proposition 68 grants, if it worked out this round, it would be a good opportunity to replace the existing playground equipment, and not just move it.

She said it is about 10 years old, generally regarded as near the end of its useful expectancy.

At Saturday’s gathering, members of the public in attendance were asked to use colored tags to show their interest in the different alternatives displayed.

Among those in attendance, while maintaining their “social distance,” were Mayor Richard O’Brien and his wife, council member Cal Campbell and his wife, as well as council member Darlene Barber-Martinez.