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Riverbank Animal Contract Extended
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Members of the Oakdale City Council approved a proposal to extend an agreement with the City of Riverbank to provide animal control services through June of 2010 at the June 15 council meeting.

The Riverbank City Council was scheduled to take up the matter at their council meeting on June 22 and were likewise expected to approve the extension.

In late 2008 Oakdale Police Chief Marty West approached the council with a plan to start a pilot program where Oakdale would provide part time animal control services for the City of Riverbank. The original agreement called for Oakdale to provide an animal control officer who would patrol Riverbank streets 12 hours per week. The plan also allowed the city to hire a shelter attendant for 32 hours a week; under the pilot program the attendant split time between the Oakdale and Riverbank shelters, freeing both current animal control officers for patrol and animal related duties.

Under the new agreement, Oakdale will increase animal control patrols to 20 hours a week in Riverbank.

Oakdale animal control officers will also continue to respond to animal related emergency calls on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis.

As part of the agreement, Riverbank will provide an animal control truck and a shelter attendant will split time between the Oakdale and Riverbank animal shelters.

The total cost to Riverbank will be $128,448 a year, not including the cost of emergency call outs for animal services.