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Riverbank Man Arrested In Molest Case
Detectives at Riverbank Police Services arrested a 56-year-old Riverbank man who has been accused of molesting children from a local Oakdale church for more than 26 years. Jerry Franklin Johnson, also known as Jeff Johnson, was arrested Tuesday afternoon, April 29 for several felony charges of sexual acts with a child.

The investigation was started on April 15, when a 7-year-old victim reported to Oakdale Police Department that Johnson had molested her. While the investigation was ongoing on the initial report, several other older victims came forward and reported that Johnson also molested them when they were younger. Detectives said the incidents occurred in Oakdale and Riverbank. After talking to eight victims, detectives believe that Johnson has been molesting children as far back as 1981. All of Johnson's victims were from the Church of Christ in Oakdale where Johnson was a church member. Some of the victims were also his relatives.

Aggrieved church leaders submitted a statement to the press regarding Johnson's actions, stating in part that in light of the situation and by their own investigation into the accusations Johnson had been disfellowshipped from the church.

"While we were not witnesses of the behavior, the nature and consistency of accusations against him since Monday, March 31, 2008 forced the leadership of this congregation to take action according to biblical principles taught in Matthew 18 and First Corinthians 5. He refused to meet with three of the leaders on Monday, March 31, 2008 after speaking with one and declared his innocence despite the mounting accusations against him," the statement read.