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School Board Dissent
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Emotions ran high on the Riverbank Unified School District board at Tuesday night's meeting, March 6, and President Elizabeth Meza called a short recess when trustees John Mitchell and Steve Walker argued about the recorded voting on Assistant Superintendent Daryl Camp's promotion to Interim Superintendent.

First, California Avenue School teacher Bridget Price, saying she spoke for the Riverbank Teachers Association, said RTA was still not happy about the promotion without their being involved in the discussions and suggested it should have been an action rather than a consent item.

RTA members also wanted to know who voted 'for' and who 'against' in a motion that was recorded in the minutes as 3-0 but Mitchell claimed was 3-2 with two board members walking out after voting against the motion.

Trustee Egidio "Jeep" Oliveira said he wanted board policy reviewed and changed so that a consent item became an action item if there was a likelihood of disagreement among trustees.

Following the recess, Meza said the public should hold its board members accountable, adding trustees are here to do business "not to go at each others' throats."