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Schools Have New Probation Officer
David Costa is the new probation officer for the Riverbank Unified School District, combining his work for the Stanislaus County Probation Department with a district contract to provide a police presence on the local campuses.

"I carry a full caseload of the juveniles in this area. I supervise them here. And I also work for the district in everything from ensuring good discipline to attendance," he said. "I visit the homes of habitual truants and take the problem before SARB (school attendance review board) if necessary, provide safety and security on campus, break up fights, give talks to parents on gang activity and so on."

Costa has a very small office at Riverbank High School and aims to spend Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on that campus and at Adelante High School, Tuesdays at California Avenue and Rio Altura elementary schools and Thursdays at Cardozo Middle School.