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Seasonal Flu Clinic Offered In Riverbank
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The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency (HSA) will have low-cost, community seasonal flu vaccination clinics. The local area clinic will be held on Thursday, Oct. 20 from noon to 7 p.m. at the Riverbank Community Center.

There will be no charge for children (six months through 18 years old) or for adults who have Medicare Part B coverage, MIA, Medi-Cal, Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal, or Health Net Medi-Cal coverage.

Individuals covered under a private insurance, or a Medicare Advantage plan (i.e. Kaiser, Secure Horizons, health Net, Sutter Gould, etc.) should receive their vaccination from their health care provider, or may receive their vaccination at the community clinics for a cost of $25. Patients who do not have any insurance coverage will be asked to pay $25, although a patient's inability to pay will not be a barrier to receive the service.

This year the flu vaccine will offer protection against three strains.

"The seasonal flu vaccine is an important and safe way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the seasonal flu," said Dr. John Walker, Stanislaus County Public Health Officer.

In addition to getting vaccinated, public health officials recommend everyone help prevent the spread of seasonal flu by: avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth; covering your coughs and sneezes with your sleeve or tissue; washing your hands often - carry hand sanitizer with you and use it when you are not able to wash your hands; and, staying home if you are sick.

Additional seasonal flu information can be found at the HSA website at or by calling the flu information line at (209) 558-8872.