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Smoke Alarm Disrupts Homecoming Fashion Show Event
A smoke generator intended to enhance a Riverbank High Winter Homecoming show on Friday instead set off the school's whole fire alarm system and forced students to evacuate the old gym and spend lunchtime in the chilly outdoors.

Student leaders staged a fashion show to prepare students for a spirit dress up this week. It featured freshmen strutting the runway in pajamas, sophomores in beach wear, juniors in sports attire and seniors in the camouflage of combat gear.

The event was going well until smoke from a machine borrowed from the drama department to lend some mystery to the show got into a fire sensor and set off the alarm system all over campus.

"I told them they were using too much smoke," a campus monitor commented.

"We've used the smoke generator before and it caused no problem. I guess it was placed too near the smoke alarms," added the building construction and stagecraft class teacher.

Flashing lights, screeching klaxons and the need to evacuate students from the building halted the event before student organizers had gotten around to announcing the nominees for King and Queen and presenting them with sashes.

But their names were soon spread around campus anyway.

The nominees for Homecoming King are Dominic Mulky, Jose Luise, Anthony Navarette, Dalton Wiotysiak and Daniel Ramos and for the Queen title Jessica Guerrero, Marie Lamo, Dominique Jennings, Brenda Gonzalez and Monica Guzman.

The King is due to be crowned this Thursday evening at halftime of a dodge ball game between students and staff.

The Queen will be announced on Friday at halftime of the varsity basketball game against Modesto Christian.

Following the fire evacuation, Principal Christine Facella got on the loudspeaker to thank all students and staff for their cooperation and for handling the emergency in a quick and orderly fashion.