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Street Lights Erected As Claribel Work Continues
Traffic light pix.jpg
A construction crew works to add street light poles at the Claribel and Roselle intersection. Traffic in the lane was halted while a crane lifted the new pole into place while workmen bolted it down. Next came installation of the arms on the light poles that included stop light fixtures. They will remain shrouded until put into service when the project is finished. Ric McGinnis/The News

Progress continues to be seen on construction work at the approaches to the intersection of Claribel Road and Roselle Avenue, just south of the Riverbank city limits.

Toward the end of last week, contractors were seen installing light poles that would ultimately hold LED street lights as well as the arms holding stop light arrays for the intersection.

On Thursday, traffic was delayed while a crane hoisted each pole, with street lights already installed, on the four corners. By Friday afternoon, crews also had installed the arms holding the stoplights, though they remained covered until powered up and put into service.

Earlier, electric signs on the four approaches to the intersection indicated the work would be completed by the middle of March, but a series of rain delays held up the construction work at the intersection. Wider lanes will be accompanying the stoplight installation when the project is complete.

Casual mention of the project during discussions at recent city council meetings indicate the project might be complete by mid-July.

Officially, according to the Stanislaus County website, the work will include installation of traffic signals, widening of the intersection to provide for truck turn movements, additional left turn lanes in all directions, asphalt overlay, and restriping of roadway.

The project got underway on Oct. 2, 2018, according to the county’s Public Works Department website.

Traffic at the intersection is heaviest during the morning and evening commutes on weekdays, beginning sometimes around the time schools recess in the afternoon.