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Village Market Gets Makeover
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a bigger and better Village Market has appeared at the Patterson and Eighth Street intersection.

A demolition crew recently knocked down the more than 20-year-old structure to reveal a brand new market that has been built behind it. Now the old site will be converted to a parking lot.

The owner's son Jaal Nagi said the new grocery and convenience store is three to four times as big as the old one and will have lots more room and many more products to offer customers.

"Drawing customers was never a problem. We are on a main road here," he said. "Many of our customers come from Oakdale. But parking was difficult, maybe dangerous. And before if there were four or more people in the store it was crowded."

His father Mohammed Nagi is planning to open the newly built and expanded store on July 24 with lots of prizes and raffles.

Designed by Wilson Architects of Modesto, the new store is a handsome wood frame and stucco building finished in colors of Spanish red, beige and tan.

Tim Pitassi Construction Company of Oakdale was the builder and also arranged the demolition.

"Tim Pitassi did the demolition and rebuilding of our home (located a block away) a few years ago. He did such a good job, my father gave him the contract for this too," said Jaal Nagi.

Located about a quarter mile west of Riverbank High, the market has always been popular with the high school students. Even at this time of year they have been coming over as soon as summer school closes at noon.

"Now they are worried about getting their Slush Puppies," said Jaal Nagi. "They don't like having to wait until late this month."

The old building had quite a history. It served in turn as a church (pastored by a Mr. Ellis who lived next door), chicken coop - yes, a chicken coop-apartments and a store even before the Nagis acquired it more than 20 years ago, according to Carl Martin who also lives nearby and knows the family.

A Del Rich owned the building before the Nagis, he added.