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Water Rescue Success At Jacob Myers Park
Jacob Myers Park is a destination for several people in the community and the Stanislaus River at the park draws people from all around the Central Valley. The signs shown here remind everyone that the river can be dangerous and people should wear life jackets. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

During the afternoon on Tuesday, July 30 Riverbank Police Services Deputies Bavaro and Crowley, along with Sergeant MacKinnon responded to a water rescue at Jacob Myers Park. They received information that a deaf teenage female was stuck on a log on the south side of the Stanislaus River. Deputies responded with throw ropes when they arrived on scene.

According to the report, Deputy Crowley was able to hurl his rope across the river to the victim and safely pull her to shore. As a member of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s dive team, Crowley has had extensive training in water rescue and rope work. He has been a member of the dive team for approximately 15 years.

With the hot weather continuing, people may want to hit the river to cool off and for some fun in the sun. However, the water is still cold, can be fast moving, and dangerous. So deputies urge everybody to wear life jackets when swimming in any type of open water regardless of your swimming skills; it can save your life.

Residents are also reminded that the river levels can still be high due to continued snow melt runoff.