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ZBoard Maker Eyes Possible Move Here
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Intuitive Motion, a company identified by Local Redevelopment Authority director Debbie Olson as a potential tenant for the Riverbank Industrial Center, manufactures "a personal transporter, something like a cross between a skateboard and a Skegway," she said.

"Founded by environmentally conscious engineers, the company has identified a problem facing millions of college students across the country who live on or near their campus but have a daily commute that is too far to walk but too short to drive," she added.

"Their solution is the ZBoard, a weight-sensing, self-propelled personal transporter that is fun to ride, energy efficient, and affordable to anyone."

The ZBoard penetrates a market that has yet to be capitalized on by other electric vehicles, while remaining easier to ride and more practical than its competitor. The ZBoard's total market exceeds three million potential customers with 25 percent revolving on an annual basis, she wrote in a brief business profile supporting the LRA application for a loan from the Stanislaus County Economic Development Bank.

Currently based in Hermosa Beach, Intuitive Motion is interested in moving final manufacturing, assembly and distribution operations to the growing industrial center in Riverbank, she said.