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Jawin' w/Jagada Save Me The Super Bowl Hype
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If the San Francisco 49ers are not in Miami next year looking to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl Championships in league history I may have to take a rain check.

Don't get me wrong, the football game itself lived up to the expectations that football fans who re-work their schedules around never missing any action on Sundays dreamed of, but the casual fan is not getting their fair shake.

A few decades ago it seemed like the logical thing to do when you invited over too many friends, spent too much money on every snack imaginable and found yourself rooting for a team that you despised for the previous 16 weeks, but now...I'm not convinced.

Everything about this year's "big game" seemed over-hyped and destined to not reach the vaulted expectations. Maybe it was just me, but nothing other than the final five minutes of action in the fourth quarter will be imbedded in my minds' RAM.

No commercials.

No overplayed story lines.

And with all due respect, none of the 7,400 calories wolfed down.

I'm tired of the Super Bowl and the 49ers are my only medicine.

With the backdrop in place and Arizona Cardinal wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald looking like a hero, my emotions grabbed me and shook me to my core.

You want the Cardinals to win?

Was I actually pulling for a team that stood in the 49ers way over the past few seasons, or was I just hoping the miserable Cardinals franchise could be miraculous enough to keep the Steelers on our same plateau with "only" five Super Bowl titles.

This hurt me and I knew that it would have a prolonged effect.

I don't like any of our division foes.

I have never liked the Steelers.

And brownies and shrimp don't go together anyway.

This Super Bowl, like each event since Jan. 29, 1995 when my beloved Niners were there, had every ingredient involved except for the important one - The San Francisco 49ers themselves.

No matter how many nachos, wild cherry Pepsi's, hot wings, Doritos, potato skins and other junk food you slap in front of me, I'm done.

So from now on, keep your over hyped, underappreciated Super Bowl galas to yourself. If the party doesn't include the greatest sports franchise in the state of California, I'm going on a four-hour bike ride.

Jagada Chambers is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. He may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.