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Bruins Kick Off Season With Sensational Action
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A spectacular 74-yard pass play down the right wing gave Riverbank its first touchdown against Hughson on Friday night in a game, which the Huskies finally won 40-14

Quarterback Daniel DeCroix launched the bomb during the second quarter and wide receiver Mike Dougherty caught it to sprint into the end zone.

In the same quarter, DeCroix rushed for one yard down the center in a quarterback sneak to tie the score 14-14 at halftime.

Riverbank kicker Van Smith found his kick blocked in attempting to convert Dougherty's TD.

So running back Ben DeYoung carried the ball in for two points when it came to the conversion of DeCroix's scoring effort.

Riverbank and Hughson, in fact, looked fairly evenly matched during the first half, but the Huskies scored again in the third quarter to move the game into their territority.

They then took advantage of three Bruin turnovers in the final eight minutes to pile on the points.

"They wore us down in the end," said Riverbank coach Matt Elkins. "They were bigger and more physical than us. They have more players, and they rammed it down our throats."

"Some of our guys got cramps and we had to start substituting in the last quarter with guys who were not so experienced," he added.

Despite the final score Elkins commented that he was very pleased with the Bruins performance, especially their great defensive effort during the first three-quarters of the game.

Riverbank has 13 or 14 boys who play both ways and some are on special teams as well. The Bruins never have a lot of depth, and in a long game against a tough team, it took a toll.

Matt McKay was the Husky who piled up 154 yards rushing while scoring three TDs for Hughson.

On the Bruin side, Dougherty gathered three catches for 112 yards and touchdown. DeCroix had both a passing and a rushing touchdown, and completed nine out of 20 passing attempts for 195 yards.

"The score was 20-14 at the end of the third quarter and we were still in the game," said Elkins. "But on a third down, we dropped the ball, and Hughson got 60 yards in penalties on their drives.

In practice this week, the Bruins will be focusing on eliminating those mental mistakes and "simply getting better," he said.

The next game, again at home against LeGrand, is the Southern League opener. Welkins expects it to be more evenly matched.

"I've heard they have a lot of speed and a very good quarterback. But we beat them 14-0 last year. They are more like our caliber than Hughson was," he said.

In team statistics, Riverbank amassed 185 total yards to Hughson's 278. Riverbank had 70 yards in 25 rushes, compared with Hughson's 40-159, and passed for 115 yards against their opponent's 119. Riverbank fumbled once and Hughson twice. The Bruins incurred 75 yards in penalties to Hughson's 95.