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Jawin' With Jagada Swinging Into Spring
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Make no mistake about it; I love sports.

All sports can hold my attention for more time than a Days of Our Lives episode, but there is just something about those spring sports that get my blood boiling. There is no way I can score a Riverbank High uniform, but I am still pumped about Waterford coming to town for the Bruin baseball home opener.

By the time March 5 rolls around, the leftover winter weather will be done, and the precious smell of grass stains and baseballs getting smacked by aluminum bats will bombard the air. There really is nothing like seeing the foul lines being painted for that first time, or watching live B.P. before a game. Softball players know what I'm talking about.

Of the six major spring sports there are two that don't have too much to do with swinging, but I love following soccer as well. Riverbank's squad had one constant a season ago, each game you could see those girls were having fun. Win or lose, tie or shutout, the Lady Bruins had a blast throughout their season, maybe those clear blue skies played a part.

The track and field squad will kick off their season Thursday, Feb. 28 when they host the Sierra-Johansen-Riverbank meet at home. This program will be looking to match the great deal of success that they experienced a year ago.

In what has become the medicine for the majority of former college baseball players, following the golf team around this season won't be too tough a chore.