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RHS, Cardozo Bands Combine For Football Halftime
Combined musicians from both Riverbank High and Cardozo Middle Schools bands performed at halftime of the varsity football game on the RHS campus on Friday, Oct. 13.News Photos By Ric McGinnis

While the varsity football team was making the most of their Friday night at home, there was also an additional treat for the crowd in the stands at Angelo Novi Field.

They got to witness a first, the Bruin High School Band combined with the Cardozo Middle School Band for a half-time performance, accompanying the RHS Flag Team. They played “Eye of the Tiger,” a popular tune first recorded in 1982 by the band Survivor, the theme and part of the soundtrack for the film Rocky III.

High School Band Director Joey Aguilar said the combination of musicians was an opportunity for the younger students to see firsthand what they would be experiencing if they stuck with band class when they got to high school.