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Ranch Rodeo Competitors Embrace Cowboy Day Event
Before the festivities got underway Saturday morning, several competitors saddled up and met in the middle of the arena just before the opening ceremonies. PHOTOS BY DENNIS D. CRUZ

Saturday, July 22 was observed as the National Day of the American Cowboy and the Cowboy Capital of the World joined in on the fun. Saturday morning, at the Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo Grounds, cowboys and cowgirls from around the area put on a show for the attendees. It was The Day of the Cowboy Oakdale Ranch Rodeo and Cattle Sorting event.

“It is our way of life and we are proud of it,” said contestant Bobbie Kiernan.

Kiernan competed in the women’s open division and made the trip from Sonora to be a part of the event. Kiernan also has a background in barrel racing, ranching and team roping.

“I want people to come see our rodeo and understand that it is not barbaric or violent in any way. We take care of our animals, because we all view them as family,” she added.

Kiernan has been in rodeo for several years and looks forward to competing in the circuit when she can.

Competing in the men’s open division was Caleb Farrington. He is from Bakersfield and enjoys ranching and competing.

“This day is about ranching and appreciating out history as American cowboys. Everything we do is to keep that tradition alive. This truly is our way of life,” Farrington explained. “I have never had a desk job or done construction. This is all I know; it is all my family knows. Ranching and rodeo is my life and I would not trade it in for anything.”

The event started at 9 a.m. with the National Anthem playing and presentation of the colors. The women’s division events kicked off the day and men’s open division followed. A Ranch Rodeo features events that cowboys do in their every day work life, such as sorting and trailering cattle, in addition to some of the more traditional rodeo categories.

These two cowboys worked together in the Men’s Open tie down competition. PHOTOS BY DENNIS D. CRUZ
This cowgirl goes through some warm-ups, working with her lasso prior to competition at the July 22 Ranch Rodeo. PHOTOS BY DENNIS D. CRUZ