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Teams Ready To Battle In Annual Alumni Hoops Tournament
Riverbank High alumni have flocked to their old stomping grounds this week for a shot at Bruin glory in the second annual RBK Alumni Basketball Tournament.

Friday's 4 p.m. tip-offs between M&M RBK and Mo Show will mark the start to a huge 14-team tournament with over 100 Bruin graduates scheduled to participate.

"There is just so much hype around the tournament right now and a lot of people are talking about it," Riverbank varsity basketball coach, alumnus and tournament player Jeff Jennings said. "We've got a lot of guys coming in from out of the area, and when you start getting guys like that to come in and take the time and effort to be a part of this, it gets pretty exciting."

The tournament will feature 23 games from Friday to Saturday, with a 4 p.m. consolation bracket finale and 5 p.m. title game to be played in the spectacular new Fauria Gymnasium.

First-game winners will play for a chance to stay alive in the championship bracket, where consecutive wins will pave the way to an alumni championship. Teams that lose their first game will still see at least three games in a busy tourney schedule.

"With 14 teams you just hope that everyone comes and has a great time," Jennings said. "These guys are paying to support the program and you want to make sure everyone walks away feeling good about being a part of Riverbank basketball."

Admission is just $2 for adults and $1 for children at the door. The program will host a Saturday lunch for past and present Bruin players that will be open to $5 (adult) and $3 (children) purchases from spectators.

Friday's 4 p.m. game will be followed by 5 p.m. match-ups between the RBK Monstars and Circle T Ballers (Bruin gym), as well as the RBK Hustlers vs. Junkyard Dogs (Fauria gym).

The RBK Retro Classics will take on team NAK at 6 p.m. (Bruin gym), while Up Top Productions battles RBK New School at the same time in the Fauria gym.

Showdowns at 7 p.m. will feature Old School RBK vs. Friends of the Family (Bruin gym) and Team Redemption's contest with the Icey Hot Ballers (Fauria gym).

Team rosters are as


Up Top Productions - Jason Herrera, Paul Jones, Victor Flores, Beto Lopez, Phil Vallejo, James Sablan, Joe Cota, John Sablan, Cohen Blount, Jeff Wiatt, Steve Millanes

RBK Retro Classics - Jeff Jennings, Miguel Alaniz, Chris Gonzales, Hector Duarte, Ray Baca Sr., Gregg Kelley, JD Romero, Robb Spencer, Scott Gaylor, Isaac Kinsey

RBK Monstars - Ricky Villavicencio, Juan Hernandez, Steve Meinert, Mike Meinert, Mike Tinajero, Victor Silva, Brian Rotan, Aaron Gentry, Eddie Silva

RBK Hustlers - Ray Baca Jr., Gabe Garcia, Fabian Cano, Adan Mercado, Kyle Mitchell, Scott Jeglum, Kevin Cole

Circle T Ballers - Ala Nasser, Donovan Wallace, Eric Page, Benji Leal, Jose Moreno, Juan Lopez, Mohamed Ali, Eric Pantoja, Roger Veliz

Junkyard Dogs - Andy Sesma, Josh Blount, Derick Liles, Ricky Perez, Roger Mayfield, Tizoc Chavez, Derrick Burnett, Richard Shryock, Andy Garcia

M&M RBK - Mario Jimenez, Daniel Jimenez, Joel Jimenez, Paul Ruvalcaba, Roy Jimenez, Jorge Ramos, Jason Wiatt, Javier Martinez

RBK New School - Zack Gonzales, Alex Reynaga, Anthony Naverrette, Manuel Jiminez, Ivan Manriquez, Logan Nabors, Bruce Gong, Christian Contreras, Oscar Nunez, Robert Martinez, Rolaun Dunham, Rodrigo Silva

Team Redemption - Cesar Rojas, Sergio Rojas, Fernando Rojas, Dave Garcia, Gabe Garcia, Tino Rojas

NAK - Frankie Pineda, Ruben Pineda, Chris Nunez, Nate Gonzalez, Memo Pineda

Mo Show - Eric Rodriguez, Giovanni Nabors, Craig Zavala, Bryan Williams, Nick Cota, Evan Gunther, Alex Munoz, Joe Crack

Old School RBK - John Hedlund, Miguel Zamora, Steve Costalupes, Blake Costalupes, Kelly Wheelock, Gaylord Horney, Mike Rotan, Merle McGinnes, Brandon Worsham

Icey Hot Ballers - Gilbert Bargas, Mark Fabella, Paul Smith, Andy Zamora, Brett Russell, Joe Perrera, Jose Rojas

Friends of the Family - Monte Wood, Richard Vandenbosch, Len Viera, Robb Gonzales, Jose Lopez