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Police Appoint Cosby Community Resource Deputy
Riverbank Police Services has created a new position called Community Resource Deputy (CRD) and appointed Deputy Gerald Cosby to the post.

The goal of the position is to prevent and deter crimes through an officer serving as a liaison between the community, Riverbank Police Services and other governmental agencies, said Police Chief Tim Beck.

Deputy Cosby, who is assigned to Riverbank for three years, was chosen for his commitment "to taking ownership in neighborhoods and working with the community to resolve problems."

Cosby will coordinate, work and manage patrols to aggressively target criminals, narcotics users and gang members, said Beck. The patrols will have high visibility and conduct probation and parole searches, "stings" and surveillance with the goal of reducing property crimes, gang activity and street level narcotics use.

Cosby also is expected to contact citizens and local merchants and identify neighborhood problems that impact public safety and create fear.

"We want public input and feedback," said Beck. "We need the community's help in identifying criminals and criminal activity. If we strive to cultivate strong and sustained relationships with citizens, the Police Department can be much more effective in its mission to serve the community."

Cosby also will attend civic meetings, neighborhood watch meetings and function as a coordinator between the Police Department, civic groups and other governmental service providers.

"Much of what he will do involves non-traditional policing," said Beck. "Sometimes neighborhood issues can be resolved with little or no enforcement action. It may be simply finding the appropriate non-law enforcement resources to resolve an issue."

People want and deserve to feel safe in their community while they live, work, shop and recreate, said Beck. Local police have listened to the community's expectations and believe they are moving in the right direction with the creation of a CRD.

"I appreciate the City Manager and City Council supporting the creation of this position," he added. "I think this is another tool in the Police Department's belt to help make our community safer and more enjoyable."

Deputy Cosby can be reached at the Riverbank Police Services by calling 863-7158 or 869-7162. Community members are encouraged to call him regarding neighborhood nuisances and ongoing suspected criminal activity. As always, the public should call 911 for any emergencies or matters requiring immediate law enforcement action.