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Eagle Pride Felt At Promotion Ceremony
Enjoying the final moments of being an eighth grader at Cardozo, these young ladies were sharing a laugh during the Promotion ceremonies. Virginia Still/The News


The season to enter into a new chapter of life is upon us as several schools are wrapping up the school year with graduations and promotions. Eighth graders at Cardozo Middle School (CMS) will be taking a journey to continue their education in high school.

Their Promotion Ceremony occurred on Tuesday, May 24 on the school grounds where 152 students received their certificates and words of wisdom were provided by Principal Kevin Bizzini, Superintendent Daryl Camp, and their fellow students.

“Hopefully the Cardozo Middle School class of 2016 understands that learning is a lifelong process,” expressed Bizzini. “Hopefully they recognize why their teachers continue to stress the importance of both learning and citizenship. And hopefully they continue to maintain their optimism because when optimism and preparation meets opportunity they will be well on their way to a successful life.”

The Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) from Riverbank High School presented the colors where Anastacia Toscano, Student Body Vice President led the Class of 2016 and guests in the flag salute.

Bizzini welcomed the families and friends to the ceremony explaining that we the students will be recognized for their academic accomplishments that annually occur to celebrate the eighth graders passage to the next phase of their education.

There are certain behavioral requirements that eighth grade students must adhere to along with their academics to participate in the promotion ceremony.

“I am proud to say that 96 percent of the Class of 2016 devoted themselves to fulfill this commitment,” added Bizzini. “The driving force behind a commitment that was voiced the loudest was the desire to make their families proud. Tonight my fellow Eagles I can say without hesitation that you have made your families, your friends, your teachers and the community of Riverbank proud.”

Some of the accomplishments that the eighth grade class was recognized for were being ambassadors for Riverbank Unified School District (RUSD) and CMS in the community as well as neighboring communities, athletes showing exemplary sportsmanship, winning the regional color guard championship, the production of “Toys R Alive” and participating in the Stanislaus County Science Olympiad.

California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) advisor and teacher Norma Ramirez translated a few of the speeches in Spanish for guests at the promotion.

The Laura C.C. Petersen award was presented to Rocio Aguiniga and Fidencio Godina by teacher Danielle Jensen. She explained that Petersen was the first female principal at Cardozo and gave much of her time and money to honor students that went above and beyond than just in their academics. Aguiniga and Godina were honored for their involvement in the community, in their homes, and in their classes.

There were several students that were asked to stand to be recognized for their academic excellence by maintaining a 3.5 or above grade point average during their three years at CMS. Students that were members of the CJSF were recognized as well and received a medal.

Diane Murillo was honored to be the Valedictorian and Anastasia Toscano was the Salutatorian and each gave a speech. Student Body President Mercedes Garcia gave the farewell remarks to her fellow Eagles, encouraging the class of 2016.

“The memories from over the past three years will be some that we will keep with us and remember when we need a good laugh or smile,” said Garcia. “Success will happen if we put our minds and hearts into our education and try as much as we can to pass all our classes.”

The ceremony ended with Bizzini leading the class of 2016 in a signature move called “The Dab.”