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Student Body Elections Held At Riverbank High
Scattered about the Riverbank High School campus on Friday were signs of the coming Associated Student Body election. Here, ASB candidate Ally Rawe offers students a piece of candy in an effort to get out the vote. RHS Band teacher Joey Aguilar sampled some during lunch time on the quad. Ric McGinnis/The News

Riverbank High School students likely have new student body leaders today, following campaigns over the past couple of weeks and an election that was scheduled for Monday, March 21. The election was hosted after The News went to press.

Campaign signs were posted on walls all around the campus by Friday, mixed with posters about the Blood Drive going on that day.

In the school quad at lunchtime, at least one ASB presidential candidate had resorted to ‘sweetness’ in hopes of gaining some votes, offering those who stopped by her campaign table pieces of candy. While there, Ally Rawe chatted with them about her campaign platform.

Students were scheduled to cast their ballots on Monday.