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Highway Lane Reopening Welcomed By Motorists
Traffic can flow freely on both lanes of Highway 108 at the east end of the city, with an improvement project now completed. Ric McGinnis/The News

Travelers driving through Riverbank on Highway 108 near the east edge of town were able to celebrate the re-opening of the westbound lane recently. The river side edge of the road, near Eighth Street, was reinforced with pilings and widened and the section was resurfaced and the lines repainted.

During the past few months, the roadway has been closed down to just a single lane in that area, with stop lights regulating which direction traffic could use that stretch of the street. The wait time was usually not lengthy, but caused some delays for motorists nonetheless. Also during this time, access to businesses and residences there had been disrupted or limited, and the Eighth Street intersection was blocked off.

Traffic was forced to use the posted detour to get through that area. Work on the project seemed to be disrupted a bit toward the latter part of the improvements, as Caltrans was forced to work around the required response to the COVID-19 outbreak.