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Capital Facilities Plan Includes Improvements
Stan Consolidated

A meeting of the Capital Facilities Committee of the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District is scheduled for Thursday, April 26 at the Station 26 Meeting Room in Riverbank. The 2 p.m. session is scheduled to include a review of proposed capital facilities projects for Fiscal Year 2018-19, along with discussion of the projects proposed.

Stations 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 are all in line for some work, as well as the headquarters for Stanislaus Consolidated.

The committee will review the projects and could then offer direction for the full district board to take at a future meeting regarding the proposed capital improvements.

A total of $776,710 in projects, including administration fees, ‘soft costs’ and contingency funds, have been proposed.

The largest investment would come at Station 23 at 7737 Yosemite Boulevard, Modesto, with replacement of ceiling tiles, replacing asphalt around the station, replacement of four bed mattresses, installation of a hose washing/drying rack and more.

Station 26, at 3318 Topeka St., Riverbank, is in line for $125,150 worth of work, including remodeling of both restrooms in the living quarters, replacing carpet, refinish and repair the racquetball court, and doing some interior painting of living quarters, among other projects.

The district headquarters, at 3324 Topeka in Riverbank, would have new station signs, drought tolerant landscaping installed and some interior painting done, with $83,750 worth of work projects proposed.

Station 22 at 4845 Yosemite in Modesto, is projected to receive $60,700 in improvements, including drought tolerant landscaping, updating some electrical work, replacing carpeting, roof maintenance work and more.

At $52,000 work at Station 21 on Mitchell Road in Modesto is scheduled to include interior painting, drought tolerant landscaping, installation of security cameras and a monitor, replacement of four bed mattresses and replacement of some carpet.

The station in line for the least work would be Station 24, at 321 E St., Waterford, which only is scheduled for the replacement of four bed mattresses, at a cost of $2,000.

Capital Facilities Committee members are fire board directors Steve Green and Dave Woods, Acting Fire Chief Michael Wapnowski, Battalion Chief Rick Bussell, Captain Mike Whorton, Engineer Shawn Ehrenberg, who serves as Local 3399 President, and Board Clerk Carissa Higginbotham.