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Care Packages Shipped Out
American Veterans First founder Duke Cooper, left, and volunteer Mike Polucca were pleased to get these care packages put in the truck to be shipped off to the men and women serving our country in the military overseas. Photo Contributed

American Veterans First (AVF) shipped out another 81 packages this past week that will go to men and women serving our country overseas. AVF Founder Duke Cooper expressed how important it is to send care packages to our military men and women that will brighten their day, as receiving something from home typically lifts their spirits. The ability for the AVF organization to ship the care packages came through the generosity from community members throughout the 209, Cooper noted. The group of volunteers raised funds throughout the holidays. AVF volunteers packed approximately 177 boxes that will be going to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, the USS Enterprise Air Craft Carrier, Italy, and Bahrain. They also sent tactical lights to marines in Bahrain.

For the past few years the organization has helped several veterans as well as less fortunate folks within the community with scooters, blankets, coats and a place to socialize with other area veterans. The next big event that AVF will host is Women in the Wind, which is a ladies only event for veterans, active duty, first responders, and wives who support them. The women will engage in a hands-on sailing workshop presented by the Stockton Sailing Club on Saturday, April 14 from noon to 4 p.m. Registration for Women in the Wind is now open; visit

For more information visit American Veterans First on Facebook.