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Cheese And Wine Scrapbook Showcases Fun
On the Third Street stage, right at Stanislaus Street, a kid band performs on Saturday afternoon. Other performances were enjoyed at the wine tasting booth, the Plaza del Rio Park stage and Santa Fe Street at Fourth Street. Performers changed throughout the day, both on Saturday and Sunday, ultimately with music for everyone to be heard all over the Expo grounds in downtown Riverbank.News Photos By Ric McGinnis

Picture perfect weather and good crowds on both days were featured at the weekend’s annual Cheese and Wine Exposition in downtown Riverbank. Hosted by the City of Riverbank, the annual event brings plenty of visitors, vendors, musicians and more to the community in mid-October. Officials seemed pleased with the number of attendees and the variety of booths, food, entertainment and the cheese, wine and craft beer tastings.

Here are some photos from the busy weekend in the City of Action.